Welcome to Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative!

The members of Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative cordially welcome you to our home. We’re proud to be a part of a warm and vibrant community in a wonderful neighbourhood. At Perth Co-op, we take pride in being a friendly and supportive place to live. We’re a diverse and open group of neighbours and our home is truly where our hearts are. We all work hard, we work together and we also have a lot of fun!

We’re conveniently located near Dundas West Subway Station in Toronto, a fully accessible station that is also a bus and streetcar terminal. To add to the transit convenience, we are also located beside the Bloor Street Go Train Station/UP Express (Union Pearson Express) Bloor Station.

If more information is needed about Perth Co-op, please call the Perth Avenue Housing Co-op office at (416) 588-6810 during office hours or email.